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About Atrilife

I built this webpage to explore my interests in intellectual property law, endurance sports, and progressive technology. Hence, I came up the name “Atrilife”.  Realizing that many of my friends and family shared these three common interests inspired me to begin this project. I want to explore why is it that marathon runners and rock climbers are often web designers and engineers, who spend their free time with gadgets or music. There is some common thread in these three topics that attracts certain types of people.

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To reflect this idea, I have designed my website to highlight these three areas. My technique forum (the Training) is a place to explore individual pursuits, such as triathlons and traveling. My technology forum (the Art) is a place to consider new products and ideas, such as software and music. And finally, my tenet forum (the Law) is a place to review the intellectual property law that may be expanding or constraining our ability to work, such as licensing and copyright law.

I hope you enjoy the issues and analysis that I present, and I will do as much as possible to guide and inform you through the topics. Please feel free to post comments and subscribe to my website so we can explore the connections.American law digests at the Law Society of Upp...

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